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©2019 by Stacy Laine Coaching a Life Coach specializing in self-esteem and confidence located near Washington DC 

You Have 2 Choices Evolve or Repeat. 

Are you ready to

evolve and rise up?

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Do you ever wonder why you are here? 

No not on this page.. In life. 

After all, you were created with a unique badass set of passions and talents that no one else in the world can duplicate! Discovering your purpose in life lets you use your unique assortment of feelings and abilities to bring you greater self-fulfillment. Evolve and Rise Up

When you're doing what you feel like you must have been born to do, you can create a life you enjoy through and through.  

Coach Stacy Laine helps people like you with just that. 

Don’t take my word for it: here’s what some of my clients say:

Who is this Lady that is going to help me find my purpose? 

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My name is Stacy Laine and I am a Mindset Life Coach. 


When I asked my classmates to describe me with one word, majority said badass and the rest said creative. 

I have owned that description ever since. I AM a creative badass. 

I also understand what it feels to be stuck in life. In a job you don't like anymore. A relationship that emotionally feels like the distance between here and China. And just feeling lost and thinking what the fuck do I do now? 

I can help and I know this because I finally took the brave leap to gain control of my go-nowhere life. I quit my corporate middle management job of 11 years, sold 90% of everything I own, went back to school, became a global traveler, and changed my career to help people like you. 

I also quit:

  • Cigarette smoking of 18 years. 

  • Emotional binge eating which soared my weight over 350 lbs. 

  • Emotional binge drinking.

  • Secretive gambling addiction. 

  • Excessive buying of stuff.

  • Dating narcissistic people. 

I finally have a sense of purpose and passion for life. No longer fighting off depression. I am living the life I always thought I was unworthy of.  Including renting cabins along the coastline in Nicaragua for months at a time soaking in the rays while I serve clients. 

Do you want to finally get aligned with your badass life purpose?

I have the skills and know how to get you there. 

It is time to Evolve and Rise Up!

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